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Private Training

Do you have a busy schedule that will not allow you to attend evening classes?

Are you worried about controlling your dog in a group situation?

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Private in-home dog training


"Amen sister....it's true I miss Lissa and Tails A Waggin, there is no one who comes close as a trainer in my area. Ditto for me and Razer."
 -Michelle Erskine

"When we are children, those who influence us have a major role in our lives. It holds true for our canine children too, although I moved in 2005 (end of) You were a major influence in Levi's an My lives. That just doesn't go away"
 -Diane Ostrem


Dog Training in Santa Rosa Ca

Dog Obedience School | Santa Rosa, CA

Have you recently adopted a dog from one of our local animal shelters?

If you have, training is an excellent way to help your new pet become a happy and well-adjusted member of the family!

Have you recently acquired a new puppy?

Before long, that cute little puppy will be an adolescent, then and adult. What you do with your puppy when it’s young will determine how he or she acts as an adult. Our methods are gentle enough for puppies; let us help you shape your dog’s behavior, so they will be the dog of your dreams!

Do you have a dog with boundless energy? Does your dog need a job?

If so, try our agility classes. Dogs learn to jump, go through tunnels, ride teeter-totters, and lots of other fun things! Even if you never want to compete, this is great dog-handler bonding, and great exercise for both of you. Most of us think it’s more fun than an aerobics class!

Do you have a dog that gets overexcited when he’s around other dogs or people?

Is your dog fearful of others. We can help you establish control and confidence, depending on your problems.

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Schedule of Classes

View our group class schedule below or inquire about our private training options.

Beginning Agility Class

 5:30 pm6:30 pm7:15 pm
MondayCommunity Canine Review & Test

Begins 10/30/17
TuesdayLevel I Beginners

Begins 11/0717
Adv OB/Rally

Begins 11/07/17
WednesdayBeginning Agility

Begins 10/25/17
Advanced AgilityBeginning Agility

ThursdayIntermediate AgilityBeginning Agility